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When it comes to creating memorable Gala Dinners in Spain, no one does it better than us.

Gala Dinner Services 

Under the name of Gala Dinners, we also cover the organisation of Awards Ceremonies and Charity Events in Spain. These kinds of events encompass a wide array of details to consider, not only for the night itself but also throughout the planning stages. Engaging the services of experienced award organizers ensures a seamlessly executed event.

who we are

We are a Gala Dinner Event Production company, supplying full-service and tailor-made packages.

Our services include a personal award ceremony organiser, allowing our clients to be hands-off and enjoy their event as much as their guests.

Please note that on top of our services for gala dinners Spain, we also offer more event management services, including:

What we do

Our Gala Dinner Event Services offer clients the flexibility to tailor their event to perfection.

We begin the process by understanding the reasons, outcome and scale of our client’s Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony.

With a clear understanding of the desired outcome, we initiate the creation of a comprehensive Gala Dinner event production. We encompass catering, theming, staging, and entertainment that align with your requirements. The entire event, as well as all the services we provide, will be aligned with your vision, mission and values.

why use us

As professional Gala Dinner planners, we take off the stress of working with multiple companies to perform your event.

Due to our extensive display of Gala Dinner services, we produce well-run, sleek and elegant Gala Dinner events.

Not to forget the fact that by arranging your gala dinner in Spain with us, we can guarantee to secure you the most competitive prices, as well as unique venues and services not available or known to anyone outside the industry.

What is involved in creating a Gala Dinner Event in Spain?

Organizing a Gala Dinner, Award Ceremony, or Charity Event involves numerous intricate details and services.

Nonetheless, we have everything under control. Collaborating with a skilled awards planner means you won’t need to lift a finger. In our initial talk, we will assemble all the relevant information about your desired Charity Event, Award Ceremony or Gala Dinner.

To design a successful Gala Dinner Event, we sometimes recommend a theme to create a flow throughout your event. We will then design everything around this theme, considering entertainment, catering and more, setting the desired tone for a once in a lifetime night.


Awards Ceremonies & Charity Events Organisers in Spain

At DMC Spain we offer our services for Gala Dinner, Award Ceremony and Charity Events in Spain. Our services work on a ‘pick-and-mix’ basis, from hiring just some of our services to a full Gala Dinner event service hire. We supply only the services you need.

Besides, our Gala Dinner Organiser will be able to assist you with specific services to fit your Gala Dinner Spain, including but by no means, limited to:

We organise any sort of Gala Dinner, Awards Ceremony or Charity Event

Venue Sourcing

Finding the ideal venue for your Gala Dinner Event and assisting with accommodations and transportation arrangements for your guests.

Staging, AV & Lighting

Our Awards Ceremony Organiser will present you with all the different choices we can provide. From supplying big screens, mood lighting and stages.


We can supply all kind of entertainment. From welcoming characters to jazz bands and flamenco performances.. From Guest speakers to full-blown Charity Event.
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